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Dr Judy WTF

Aug 23, 2018

Going back to school is both exciting and threatening for many. School brings up many feelings from the excitement of returning with sharpen pencils, a new lunch box and fresh notebook paper, to the fear of being bullied, and in the very worst case scenario, the fear of school shootings. Many children also fear separation anxiety. Parents oftentimes bring their children to therapy because their children are clinging on to their mothers/fathers for dear life, afraid to go into the classroom. It is not uncommon for some children to “pee in their pants” from nervousness on their first day of school. Don't forgot we bring in our negative core believes to the table. In this episode we discuss the joys and fears of returning to school, and what to do about staying safe from bullies, how to deal with separation anxiety, and how to make going back to school an enriching experience. Get out your sharpened pencils and your fresh notebook paper and get ready to Mind Map this episode of Dr Judy WTF! Thank you to our youngest caller, Eva, for calling in! You are not so shy.