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Dr Judy WTF

Aug 9, 2018

In this episode we processed Raquel's paradigm shift into the Truth of who she is--authentically kind, empathic, creative and playful. When the poisons of the past are reprocessed, we get to Be The Cause of Part 2 of our lives and Recode into health. Join Dr. Judy in September (14,15, 16) for her Mind Map Seminar at the beautiful Sherman Oaks California location. Register early and receive $300 off the fee. Leave your email and we will send you more information. Satanic ritual abuse can be seen as an extreme version of the double dungeon of darkness. When people are inflicted ritualistically and the receiver of these wounds is trapped In a satanic culture people who fall prey often times have been abused by their family of origin when their parents are involved in the abuse it takes it to a whole new level because not only are they being abused by their parents they are now abused by the participants of the ritual. They need a pathway out of this evil system gone wrong and the Mind Map offers the victim a way to approach the wounds and heal. THANK YOU Raquel for sharing your process. Believe no time is late as far as long as you have started.........