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Dr Judy WTF

Jul 20, 2017

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“Be The Cause: Healing Human Disconnect”

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Thank you everyone for calling in. 

Clearly there are a lot of highly sensitive people out there. 

Some signs that you are an HSP: skin sensitivity, over sensitive to heat, to food, and to toxic people -- not a bad idea to be sensitive to them!

HSP also tend to be more creative and more empathic so you have to watch out for over pleasing people and being used by people who don't give back.

HSP’s can also be easily overwhelmed AND Overstimulated. 


Sometimes the sensitivity is apparent in the work situation where there is a lot of tension and rivalry.  It is best to set boundaries clearly and know your limits.  If you need to adjust your environment because you're not doing well, feel free to do so. 


We Shrunk That Tune  "You Oughta Know"  by  Alanis Morissette