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Dr Judy WTF

Aug 30, 2018

Tonight we mind mapped sexual addiction. Sexual addiction is not a really about sex, it is about addiction to releasing brain chemicals that temporary alleviate the pain of human disconnect. "Max" our volunteer cause study showed us how his blueprint of neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and verbal abuse set him up for a "WTF" of repeating a pattern of lack of intimacy, abandonment, and etc. that feed his negative core belief. That he is ugly, worthless and unlovable. Thank you Max for being vulnerable, and sharing your childhood wounds. Discover the Mind Map and link symptoms, defense mechanisms and behaviors to the cause. Immerse yourself in panels 1- 9 and Be the Cause! Dr. Judy Rosenberg author of Healing Human Disconnect. Order a copy of book, the new BE THE CAUSE: HEALING HUMAN DISCONNECT book available on Amazon: Believe no time is late as far as long as you have started......... please SUBSCRIBE to our channel follow me us on: instagram twitter facebook For biz inquiries contact me at: