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Dr Judy WTF

Aug 16, 2018

Revenge. A very human desire to hurt those who have hurt you. The only problem with revenge is that it doesn't bring closure to the situation. Hurt begets more hurt. An eye for an eye philosophy begets many blind people. The goal of revenge often is to get rid of the pain and make others who inflicted pain "feel" it. Justice on the other hand completes the psychological file by bringing closure. It elevates the people by bringing balance, ethics, morals to the situation. Revenge fantasies are a way of getting out the poison without hurting others, or serving time in jail. It is normal to have vengeful feelings, you just don't want to take action on them. Battered emotionally? Disconnect with friends, families, and relationships? Discover the Mind Map and link symptoms, defense mechanisms and behaviors to the cause. Immerse yourself in panels 1- 9 and Be the Cause! Dr. Judy Rosenberg author of Healing Human Disconnect. Order a copy of book, the new BE THE CAUSE: HEALING HUMAN DISCONNECT book available on Amazon: Believe no time is late as far as long as you have started......... please SUBSCRIBE to our channel follow me us on: instagram twitter facebook